Maitre d’ouvrage Chicago Architecture Biennial
Maitre d’oeuvre
Alexandre Ostrowski, Sébastien Bertucci et Anaïs Comeau Architectes, avec Nicolas CREGUT & Laurent DUPORT Architectes.
Surface30.00 m2
Coût$75,000.00 US

Our team had a reflection on the recycling of waste. Indeed, the commitment of the City of Chicago to become one of the greenest city in the nation since 2008 with the climate action plan questioned us. The city collects more than one million tons of waste per year, and with the Blue cart recycle program, residents seem very involved in that mission to reduce  their carbon  footprint,  up  to  gradually  get  to  zero  waste.  So we  asked  ourselves,  «Why  the architecture would not take part of this approach? »

Thus, our kiosk will be made of a recycling material. The architectural concept is inspired by the general shape of a pebble, composed of a structural skeleton which will have a connotation of the marine world. The skin of the skeleton will have several functions: As part of the biennial, it will have the role of information; Set up on the shores of Lake Michigan,  it  could  be  a  publicity  element  (high  season) or a white canvas as an artistic element (off season) on which street performers can express.